About Sonia

Industry for Impact was founded by Sonia Bainbridge in 2018, as a vehicle through which to support entrepreneurs.

Sonia has a long history of entrepreneurship. In 2012, she founded Impact Leaders, a social impact consulting firm which worked with range of Australian businesses, including the Seven Network to develop commercially viable products or services that also delivered a social outcome.

She then went on to launch Money Vault, an innovative digital platform aiming to improve the financial literacy of consumers. In 2014, Sonia launched Project Everest, an edtech business which worked with a number of Australian Universities to enable students to access course credit by undertaking applied entrepreneurship projects in emerging markets. She successfully exited the business within 24 months of launch after scaling Project Everest to 5 countries.

Sonia has a Bachelor of Liberal Studies from University of Sydney, a Master in International Business from Curtin University of Technology and an MBA from Oxford University.

More recently, Sonia has been working in London for Octopus where she has successfully built and launched a number of fintech ventures including Octopus Cash and Octopus Wealth.